Sebastian Greenwood – Why Negotiation Works in Running a Brick and Mortar Set-up

There is a tendency for people to be reactive rather than productive which is a cause for conflict. Pushing for a resolution is a necessity to keep the business afloat. Here are a few guidelines that help in the art of negotiating.


As key personnel gathers around the table chances of ironing out the situation is not as difficult as one would imagine. Decision makers during negotiations will make a huge difference. In fact, it provides you with a solution as the matter is sorted out before it spirals out of control. Bring an objective source to mediate if need be, and the business will not suffer.

Never Underestimate

The person on the other side of the table may be prepared with her/his readings on the situation. It is at this time where you need to have all your cards ready with a plan B in place. Brainstorm ideas and be open to suggestions. Once you underestimate or overestimate what they have to offer, you may be pleased with the results without being restrictive. Sebastian Greenwood who once quoted Bo Jackson said, “Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there,” you can also do the same.


Let us say you are in conversation with a business partner but have forgotten the key objectives in the contract. This is where you may falter and are sidetracked. The technique to shift the focus will buy you time as you mentally evaluate the risks and access the situation. Being rational is what will give you the brownie points as you negotiate to moving ahead, rather than being stuck in a rut.


The best method that always works is to keep it simple, do not over-complicate the situation. Even the trickiest situation can be worked out with the right methodology. Verbal resolutions may be part of the process. Try not to keep score for days, weeks, months or years on end, it will never help the brand. You can lose momentum completely. Simplicity in the art of negotiation will help you reach the pot at the end of the rainbow. Sebastian Greenwood once quoted A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who said, “We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us”.

In Sum

The art of solving a problem is not to be pressurized. Do not let the opponent know your weak points. Calmness and neutrality help so that you do not end up at the short end of the stick.  Keep it simple and sweet, none will be the wiser.