Sebastian Greenwood – Why Market Research Makes Sense – A Few Theories

The simple statement; keep your friends close and your enemies closer is so relevant in the game of business. By knowing what the competition is about, makes a great difference. Here are a few theories why market research makes sense for start-ups, brick and mortar companies and large corporate entities.

  • Knowledge is power and details as to why a particular product similar in description and value helps a business analyst figure out a strategic approach to better the business. It helps resolve a problem.
  • Collation of data and market trends through surveys can be done online, face-to-face, over the telephone, focus groups help in the need-based paradigm of the business. Research is also based on collecting of samples to enable the brand to establish a presence in the market.
  • Analysis of data, once this has been brought to the fore, helps in determining the right results. Naturally, through this method, research-based software tools need to be used to obtain the right analyses rather than a mixed bag for accurate results. Sebastian Greenwood once quoted Arthur Ashe who said, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”.
  • For a new business to find a place in the world of barter, the key element is to get the facts right. That is where the error check relative to big data makes a huge deal of a difference. By checking any of the analytical mistakes through a variety of methods, the brand will be able to sustain itself for a long duration.
  • As a systematic method in collecting information, charts, tables, and a host of other imagery drives home the point and limits any risky overtures. Market research deals with opportunities, reduces any hassles and keeps the focus going.
  • Market research is used across industries, in politics, voting, census, salaries, and a host of other pertinent areas. It drives communication up the ladder as it helps in dealing with the focused results. Sebastian Greenwood once quoted Thomas Paine who said, “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”.

An Overview

Market research comes into play in keeping yourself abreast of information relative to the brand. It provides the brand owner with valuable information like customer feedback, employee satisfaction, improvising schedule, new product launches, and so on and so forth. Adequate customer information always helps better a brand in establishing the right pricing, growth prospects and a host of other advantageous reasons.

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