Sebastian Greenwood – Tips For Building A Software Business

With the constant development in the technology field, software businesses are seeing an upward growth. Therefore, if you want to make your mark and plunge into this lucrative industry, then you can also start a software business. However, follow these pointers to ensure you make it into a successful one.

Unique Idea

Every software developer has big dreams and wants to start on his own. If you are replicating an idea, it just means you are giving prospective clients a cheaper option. Even if you are offering a simplified version of an original idea, it will have a short-term life.

Make sure your idea is unique. It could be developing a software to find out the pollution levels on the road or software to aid doctors researching cures for fatal diseases; as long as it has a larger purpose and can serve a huge population, the unique idea will work. Marketing Guru Sebastian Greenwood has rightly quoted John Maynard Keynes, who had said, “Ideas shape the course of history.”

Getting investors

Since your concept is unique, it will definitely sell. However, many investors look for the results or the impact of the software business on the larger scale. Ensure your presentation includes all the number projections and future growth of your company.

In addition, highlight the revenue options, growth trajectory, marketing plan and social contribution as part of your business pitch. It always gets you more points if your business is also able to create a social impact.

Implement the KISS concept

Remember, while you may understand the technical terminology, for the users, it is nothing but gibberish if they do not understand it. If you want your products to sell, then you need to implement the ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ concept. In this, all the products are simplified and user-friendly, allowing the visitor to navigate across the app or website smoothly.

Research & Development

In this world or cutthroat competitive business, if you do not spend enough time to improve and analyse your products or services, then you will be left behind very easily. Do not take it for granted that just because your idea is unique, others will not copy it. There will be easier, better and lighter versions of your software product in the market. If you want to enjoy the first-mover’s advantage, then you need to keep researching and developing your products.

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