Sebastian Greenwood’s Story – The Role of Charity in Business Practices

Charity is not often the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about business. We instead believe that businesses exist to make profit and the very concept of charity seems counterproductive. However, many businesses have incorporated charitable acts as an integral part of their business model. Through the donation of both money and time, such businesses are hoping to shape a brighter future and influence others to think about how big business is conducted. Sebastian Greenwood, currently a member of the OneCoin cryptocurrency team, is an individual who understands the role that charity plays in the business models of international institutions.

Sebastian Greenwood’s Career and Charity

A Swedish native, Greenwood is currently making big waves in the cryptocurrency industry. Although this is his most recent business venture, it is far from the first.

Greenwood has an extensive list of accomplishments, including having graduated from the Östra Reals economics program in Stockholm and the prestigious Frankfurt European Business School in Germany. His first position was as a junior analyst for Bloomberg Financial Markets, and it is likely this position that first provided him with the template for business and charity that he has followed throughout his career. Bloomberg states that their charity programs “support causes and efforts where we believe the greatest good can be achieved”. Sebastian Greenwood and charity have remained inseparable ever since, including his current position with OneCoin.

OneCoin is a cryptocurrency company founded in the early 2000s that provides an alternate form of financial transaction to those which individuals and businesses have traditionally used to conduct international trade. OneCoin has a tradition of charity, including its partnership with the One World Foundation, a charitable organization devoted to helping disenfranchised peoples around the world. OneCoin provides a membership package called the Triple5 Limited package, which is a time-limited deal with certain advantages, including the donation of 10% of all profits to the One World Foundation in honor of OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

Sebastian Greenwood’s story is one of a hard-driven businessman with a strong belief in charity. OneCoin’s involvement in the One World Foundation complements Sebastian Greenwood’s commitment to charity as an individual. It is efforts such as these that make companies like OneCoin, and individuals like Sebastian Green, integral parts of the business community.