Sebastian Greenwood – The skills to becoming a network-marketing master

The rapid ascension of network marketing in the past 10 years has sparked a frenzy of young hungry business investors to saddle up and ride into the industry guns a’blazing. It’s structure offers itself to the modern businessman perfectly- utilising not only a keen eye for financial rewards but also requiring strong inter-personal skills and a desire to watch counterparts achieve success alongside you. In an interview with recent OneCoin investor Sebastian Greenwood, the young hotshot of network marketing outlined some of the key skills he sees as key to achieving success in the network marketing industry.

A graduate of business and economics schools in both Sweden and Germany, Sebastian Greenwood comes across as a thoughtful and reflective investor- whilst at the same time airing a presence of confidence and determination. These skills are but two he outlines as the key to his success- having had to bounce back from a number of failed business opportunities in the past. He credits his climb of the OneCoin ladder to his refusal to accept defeat, and strength to never ever give up. As others will know in the network marketing industry, not every one can be a winner all the time, so a rugged determination and defiant nature could set the aspiring investor in good stead.

Interestingly a quality that Mr. Greenwood refers back often is the ability to listen to others- a skill maybe some in the industry have been guilty of neglecting in the past. Network marketing relies heavily on the ability to understand the needs and problems of others, and be able to help them grow in a manner that is beneficial to everyone invested n the business. Whilst other aspects of the global business world require at times ruthless Machiavellian practices to climb to the top, those who work in network marketing often benefit more from co-operation and striving to help those working around them.

This aspect, Greenwood suggests, is often a reward in itself. Whilst the potential financial rewards posed by the industry are undoubtedly an attraction to those who wish to get involved in the industry, watching counterparts grow and develop into their full potential, and change there lives, can offer the personal satisfaction that many other jobs in the 21st century can’t. Sebastian Greenwood’s passion for building and developing projects have come into their own as an investor at the exciting new company OneCoin, and his hunger to achieve further success still grows.