Sebastian Greenwood – Building People, Building Businesses

One Coin master distributor and international businessman Sebastian Greenwood has been known to say that he has a passion for building. He refers to building in a general sense, be it the building of homes, industries, markets or people, where there is development Sebastian Greenwood is able to find passion. Such a statement makes a lot of sense when we reflect on the career of Sebastian Greenwood and the things that he has achieved so far, all of which revolve around a strict belief in progress and constant goal-oriented work toward development. Looking forward has been the skill that Sebastian Greenwood has been able to take wherever he goes and it has benefited everyone that he has worked with so far.

Specifically, Sebastian Greenwood’s current role as the master distributor at One Coin requires him to build teams first and foremost. As part of a busy personal schedule that only allows for four to five hours of sleep Sebastian Greenwood motivates, communicates and makes plans with his many teams around the world from his home office to make sure that the many people building One Coin are on track to development. As you might imagine, managing this number of teams is no easy task and requires a good understanding of team psychology and people skills, two things that Sebastian Greenwood has thankfully mastered across a career of such work. He remarks that communicating with such a vast range of teams does not intimidate him but instead brings him variety and greater insight into the workings of different teams worldwide.

Sebastian Greenwood has been quoted in interviews as being interested in building from an early age, even from childhood when he built with Lego and other such toys. His deep rooted passion for development has lead him to care for his teams on a level that concerns the growth of the individual too. After all, how can a team flourish if the individuals within it are not benefit ting themselves or motivated in their own personal way? Looking with such insight into the workings of the team and experience in development has placed Sebastian Greenwood as number one in the game of building teams and the world of network marketing, a place where he continues to be revered for his work today.